[PD] Pager : list patches using [file] and open them

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Dec 22 10:52:09 CET 2021

On 12/22/21 01:11, Jérôme Abel wrote:
> Hi list,
> Thank for this new Pd release !
> I'm trying to implement the [+pager] patch from Hans Christoph Steiner 
> with these new features : [file glob], [file splitname] and [list store].
> It is a patch which list all pd files in  the current directory, close 
> and open them.

first of all: nice.

issues spotted so far:

i personally find this a bit too eagerly opening files (esp, i don't 
like it that it opens the first available file at loadbang time)

i find the fan-out after [pdcontrol] a bit fishy (even if it doesn't do 
any real harm right now) - it's very hard to reason about the order of 
execution if both [send] and fan-outs are involved.

counters are not reset (you are obviously assuming that the globbing is 
only triggered once, but then there's a [bng] that invites you to 
re-trigger it, at which point the count becomes bogus)

when testing your patch, i triggered a bug in Pd (that i didn't know 
about yet): recursive loadbangs...

if you rename the patch (and open the renamed version), it will freeze Pd.
the underlying problem is of course that there is no introspection to 
find out the name of an abstraction itself.

> I wonder how to find the size of [list store] also

count the elements you added?

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