[PD] Some confusion about linux amd64-64 and linux amd64-32 in deken, and what are all the possible variations?

José de Abreu abreubacelar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 19:22:14 CET 2021

Hello list! I have some questions regarding the architectures available in

I noticed that deken has many different architectures possible for the
packages, as i checked by now (not an exhaustive search) there is at least
8 for linux, (amd64-32, amd64-64, i386-32, arm64-32, armv6-32, armv7-32,
armv7-64, armv7l-32), at least 4 for mac (amd64-32, x86_64-32, i386-32,
PowerPC-32) and at least 2 for windows (amd64-32, i386-32).

There are more? And are they correct? Should i expect that all mac and
windows may have the -64 variant too? I ask this because I want to create a
table showing all the externals available and which downloads are possible
from deken, together with descriptions for each external, so i want to know
what are the possible architectures that I am missing... see the
(unfinished) table here

So for the first question of the e-mail, what is the difference between
amd64-64 and amd64-32? I guess that the first name would be for the
architecture of the system, and then the last 32 or 64 would be for single
or double precision... but if I search for bandlimited in deken for
example, i get that its package is amd64-64 for linux, and i can install it
on normal pd, but pd double refuses it, as it is a 32bit-float object.
Well, bandlimited was uploaded in 2016, way before the pd double came to
vanilla (maybe 2019?), so it makes sense that it is 32bit-float... But
there were other reasons for it (and other externals, some from extended)
to be packaged as linux amd64-64 instead of amd64-32?
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