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I agree, this is an established aspect of patching in Pd and changing it is not likely possible at this point. A positive reinforcement for using trigger is that it's simply more readable. I also admit to using fanning when I know order isn't as important for that case,

I feel like often these problems also come from people trying Pd out after being more familiar with Max. Perhaps it would be good if Pd included a mini "Pd for Max users" guide which starts with execution order differences, ie. on canvas placement versus creation order. Forgive me if this info is in our documentation, I admit to not having gone through it since circa 2006 when I first started with Pd.

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> On Thu, 2022-02-10 at 10:09 +0100, Max wrote:
>> Should Pd warn the user when one outlet is connected to multiple
>> objects?
> I'd rather want Pd not to do that. 
> 1) There are too many cases where fanning outlet connections are OK.
> 2) I believe it's more valuable if people do not fanning connections
> because they understand their implications rather than because a
> message tells them to avoid them.
> 3) I'm personally not so fond of the idea of giving people patching
> advice. 

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