[PD] [Gem] bit depth of display

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 18:59:16 CET 2022


I have a Gem patch for an installation that basically maps a 1x12px
image created with [pix_set] to a fullscreen [rectangle]. When the
pixel values are close enough to each other, the gradients between the
pixels shows edges that look like low bit depth (and probably are due
low bit depth). I am looking for a way to display the Gem window with a
higher bit depth. My external monitor advertises itself as capable of
30-bit (which I assume means 10 bit per channel).

Here my questions:
  * Is it correct that in OpenGL calculations are done with floats?
  * Are the gradients calculated with high (>8bit) precision?
  * Is precision lost during transport to display? 
  * What can be done to feed a monitor/projector with higher bit depth?
  * What can be done on macOS with a HDMI projector attached?

Here a screenshot of the Gem display:

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