[PD] Deken not showing ELSE external and others on Raspberry Pi with Debian 12

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 07:39:45 CET 2024

Hi, to add  on the discussion, Francisco talked to me in private and I
asked him to bring this to the list.

First, I stopped offering raspberry pi binaries for amv8 for a while now.
Joseph (Linux ROUEN Normandie) said that that it'd be really rare for
someone to use it, and Francisco is using it and needs it, so I'd like to
get this straight. Apparently I should bother and offer these binaries
again. Francisco, do you know why you need this and not something else?
Joseph, can you join in the discussion and tell us again why this should
not be necessary?

Last release I have with 'armv8' binaries is rc6, still up in deken.
Francisco confirmed they work, but it doesn't show up for him! I am now
about to release rc11, and I keep only the 5 last releases in the serve so
I don't take too much space, so rc6 is about to be deleted. I just uploaded
(after Francisco's email) rc11 binaries for pi (armv6, armv7 and armv8).
It's up in deken... I dont think I need the 3 of them, but is seems I need
at least 2, right?

Now, these uploaded packagee misses 4 objects, [sfont~], [circuit~], [sfz~]
and [plaits~]. I need help compiling them for armv8 and whatever ELSE I
need to provide, so what we have up there now is just a *test* until we can
figure things out. The dekn system uploaded the packages as 'Linux-arm64-32
/ Linux-armv7-32 / Linux-armv6-32'. Francisco seems to need
'Linux-arm64-32', ('armv8'), and it doesn't show.

Em sex., 2 de fev. de 2024 às 21:50, Francisco Medeiros <excalibas at gmail.com>

>  Deken is not showing the ELSE external, nor many other externals
> available for Linux-Arm64-32.

> When starting deken says Platform detected: Linux-aarch64-float32" and
> "Platform re-detected: Linux-armv8-float32".

Why both? Now I wonder that maybe it should have detected  'Linux-arm64-32'
instead? I don't know...

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