[GEM-dev] CVS Gem.linux load error: undefined symbol: glUniform4iARB Gem: can't load library

John Harrison john.harrison at wichita.edu
Thu May 11 06:55:45 CEST 2006

thewade wrote:

> Quoting John Harrison <john.harrison at wichita.edu>:
>> BTW did I understand that you went from the ATI proprietary drivers 
>> to the open-source ATI drivers? Last I knew, the open-source ATI 
>> drivers didn't support direct rendering/3D hardware accel. Has this 
>> changed?
>> -John
> I have an ATI Radeon 9600 M10 and I discovered the r300 sourceforge 
> project (http://r300.sourceforge.net/) and then read somewhere that 
> the driver had become part of the xorg source (I think).

That doesn't sound right. I don't think xorg has drivers incorporated 
into it. The drivers are separate. Either you are using ATI (open 
source) or fgrlx (proprietary). What does it say in your xorg.conf file?

> Anyway the propritary drivers were stopping me from using the CCRMA 
> kernel and they didn't really seem to speed much up - probably because 
> I don't really know enough about what I am doing.

Did you try GEM with both sets of drivers? I just looked up the ATI open 
source driver and it still doesn't support 3d accel for the r300 stuff. 
Did you try glxgears with both sets of drivers?

> I was told to run quake as a benchmark but I never got around to it.
> Now I am trying to do some projection work for some dancers and I need 
> to get gem working with my DV camera while disabeling as little as I 
> can within GEM. I am curious if that little line or two of code I 
> added will allow Gem to find my camera.

Should still find your camera no problem. But you should just try it.

> I just ran yum update xorg*  and 13 packages were updated but I still 
> get the error. What are you all using as your display managers?

Gnome, but I don't think that has anything to do with it.

> Any tips?

Are you using openGL? You may want to check out PDP and PiDiP for your 
project as well. Come to think of it, I don't know if PDP and PiDiP know 
how to find a firewire camera. They work great with usb webcams...

> Thanks!
> -thewade

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