[PD-dev] GEM-0.87b1 for OS X released

Ben Bogart - FMPM/F1999 bbogart at acs.ryerson.ca
Mon Jul 8 18:31:57 CEST 2002

Thank you James,

The OSX port is looking very good. Are you starting to take bug reports 
yet? anyhow here are a few initial observations. the "dimen 640 480" 
message to gemwin does not work, always opens at about 400x400. the gem 
window also seems to open under the main titlebar, so if it does have its 
own titlebar then I can't see how to move it. I've opened up a few of my 
own patches and they work great! 

I'm running on a dual450 and a single 733 both with 512MB ram. The 733 
has the new NVidia card in it. on both machines it seems to run very 
slow. noticably more jerky than on the Linux machine (PII 350 with 128MB 
RAM and Geforce2 MX400) Its definatly slowest on the 450, with the ATI 

I'll be teaching a workshop on PD/Gem in about a month. They only have 
one PC so I was hoping to be able to use PD on OSX, now thanks to you I 
can run another Gem session. Thanks for all the time and effort 
(especially helping me with my own OSX compilation issues)


On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, tigital wrote:

> http://homepage.mac.com/tigital
> ...like the subject line says:  it's not finished (what is?), but 
> it's at a spot where I think people can start 
> learning/experimenting...no source yet, far too much ugly debug stuff 
> in there now, and I want to do a major change to how the film/movie's 
> are loaded (mac side only)...
> ...also, I'm building this in Project Builder as a bundle. 
> Unfortunately, pd won't load it as a bundle:  right now I  have to 
> open up the bundle and navigate to the 'executable/library', then 
> pull it out and place it in the same place that the bundle is, then 
> delete the bundle and finally rename the moved library 
> "GEM.pd_darwin"...this then is loaded just fine by pd (btw, I'm using 
> pd-0.35-test29)...anyone have an idea how to get around this/do it 
> correctly?  I figure that the source and project builder stuff should 
> wait to be released when this is worked out...
> oh, and here's some stuff from my first attempt at a readme...start 
> banging away and send me some bug reports!
> enjoy,
> jamie
> --------------
> beta1 release:
> - Place GEM.pd_darwin in your pd-0.35-testX/extras folder
> - To run pd with GEM, add "-lib GEM" to your command for pd
> 	ie:  /Applications/pd-0.35-test29/bin/pd -lib GEM
> - The default graphics window is at [offset 0 0]...you can change this in any
> 	patch by adding a message to [gemwin] for [offset x y]
> - The graphics window is defaulted to 500x500 on the main monitor: 
> the dimensions
> 	can be changed, but I haven't made it aware of multiple 
> monitors (yet), or
> 	fullscreen for that matter...
> - pix_imageInPlace doesn't seem to work
> - 3d font/text isn't implemented yet...
> - when using pix_movie or pix_film, you can load *.mov or *.mpg, but the *.mpg
> 	will crash, because it can't tell the # of frames or 
> framerate yet...*.avi's
> 	won't load if they are in Indeo compression
> - *.obj 3d models load, but only do this after a window has been 
> created.  There
> 	are several examples that use a [loadbang] to load everything 
> on opening
> 	the patch, but we need an OpenGL context to do this on the 
> mac, which means
> 	you need to open a graphic window before you can load a model...
> - particles seem to work fine
> - no saving of images/movies yet
> - no video input yet (soon!)
> - mouse, tablet, and orb input aren't working
> - Remember, this is a debug version, so there's lots of output to the console
> 	about what's going on, and no compiler optimizations are on
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