[PD-dev] problem with inlet and outlets

Pontus Nyman f97-pny at nada.kth.se
Thu Jun 24 18:54:28 CEST 2004


Maybe you can help me to solve a strange problem. I have made a kind of 
audio streaming external for pd. It uses the default signal-inlet to 
record sound from a microphone (or a file or whatever you want). The 
external encodes, packs and sends the recorded audio over network (UDP/IP).

At the same time it recieves recorded audio from the network. This audio 
data is decoded and enqueued in a playout buffer and finally put out to 
different signal-outlets.

The strange thing is that I can hear my own recorded audio and I can't 
understand how that is possible. The recorded audio goes direct to an 
outgoing buffer (written by me) and from there to the network. I never 
put it out to any of the outlets. It doesn't come from the playout 
buffer either. Therefore, I now suspect that I have misunderstood 
something about pd:s own buffers.

I don't want to hear my own recorded audio. Does anyone know what is 
wrong and what to do about it?



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