[PD-dev] much better scrolling algorithm (pd-extended 0.42.5)

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sat Dec 5 05:00:41 CET 2009

> I guess I didn't understand the nature of that issue.  I haven't seen
> it.  Tcl/Tk's bbox stuff seems to work with comments, do you mean
> IEMGUI text?
> .hc


I really don't mean to be disrespectful but I am really getting frustrated
by the fact that you apparently do not read my emails at all, keep asking
same questions over and over again, and on top of that fail to perform the
task I asked you to perform several times ago to assess the bug.

My time is limited as I am sure is yours, but if submitting a patch means
repeating myself 4 times and then getting it contested continually on
grounds that are entirely irrelevant to the patch itself is becoming really
tiring (and yes this patch does not address the mouse wheel but it does not
exacerbate the problem either--in other words it is orthogonal to it, so
mousewheel has *nothing* to do with this). So, please read them and check
out the matter at hand instead of asking for an explanation of the same
issue over and over again.

Below are emails I sent you explaining in detail the same issue:
http://www.mail-archive.com/pd-dev@iem.at/msg07054.html (see point 2)

So, once again, yes, it does affect IEMGUI as it does any other text. The
bbox miscalculation essentially affects all sizes but is less apparent at
small font sizes, so it (kind of) works (because the discrepancy is not
noticeable) as long as you don't use anything but default-sized fonts. If
you alter your default font size and/or use iemgui objects the issue will
quickly become apparent.


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