[PD-dev] capabilities of data structures with externals

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 01:14:21 CET 2020

maybe not exactly the goal here but: if get/set would need only the name of
the variables and not the template, it would make it somewhat easier to use
the same patch for different purposes. e.g. [get x y z] instead of [get
somenameherewhichcanbeusedonlyinonespecificpatch x y z]

I guess an other way of making it faster to use pointers in complex
situations would be to assign pre-defined symbol-names to pointers (which
would be fixed like any other variable), instead of the codes assigned
internally - but maybe that's not really feasible to program.

And to add my two cents -
>> The "pointer/get/set" approach to manipulating data is horribly clunky,
>> both unintuitive and inefficient.  If you can think of a better way I'd
>> love to hear it.
>> It seems to me that patch languages are badly suited to this kind of task
>> -
>> but if one were to design a text-language style interface, what language
>> would be suitable?  Or indeed is there a compleetely different way to
>> think
>> about it?  I've been wondering about this since Pd's start around 1997 :)
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