Gem and Linux

Tim Boykett tim at
Thu Jun 4 02:40:56 CEST 1998

Hello PD/Gemmers,

Well, I managed to lie, cheat and steal my way into
having a functional PD under Linux, although I should have
checked the archives earlier, there was a secret there
that I didn't need, but may have saved me considerable

It's several hours later, and I have a Gem that will
not get past a certain point. I am compiling the
74 version, the latest one with an explicit linux
version on Guenther's site. No matter what I do,
I cannot find out where the type TIFFRGBAImage is
defined, or where it should be defined so I can
get the appropriate update for that file.

As a result of this, the make in gem/src/Gnu will
not complete, so I can't finish...

Hoping someone will be able to tell me something
clever about what I'm doing that's not clever...



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