Still Need help starting GEM on Win 95

Mark Danks mdanks at
Thu Oct 15 18:37:14 CEST 1998

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> Subject: Still Need help starting GEM on Win 95
> When using the command:
> 		pd -lib /pd/gem/Gem
>     I get the error message:    Cannot find the file 'pd' (or 
> one of its

  As you guessed, this means that Windows can't find the pd executable.
You can either use the full path (as below), or add the pd/bin directory
to your path (this is more difficult under Win95 than under WinNT).

> 	The command:
> 		\pd\bin\pd -lib \pd\gem\Gem 
> 	Causes the PD MSDOS window will appear for one second and close.

  My guess is that the slashes are the problem.  Try doing:

\pd\bin\pd -lib /pd/gem/Gem 

  All arguments for the -lib flag have to have '/' slashes.  I suppose
that someday Miller or I will fix this, but it isn't a high priority.

> 	Will Virtual Memory or Graphics Acceleration effect GEM 
> in any way.  I
> would rather not change those settings because the mess up my
> MIDI/Digital Audio Sequencer- Logic Audio.
> 	Thanks to everyone who is trying to help.

  No.  In fact, GEM is pretty useless without graphics acceleration
(must be OpenGL though).  In WinNT, you can't turn off virtual memory
(or at least I haven't found a way).  Virtual memory only causes
problems on the Macintosh, due to the memory model that they use.

Later, Mark

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