Pd and Win 95

Charles Baker baker at charlieb.com
Thu Oct 15 20:15:00 CEST 1998

Miller Puckette wrote:

> In my experience Pd works much better in NT than in W95, and I bet it works
> better in Linux as well.

 I'd have to agree. NT is very stable compared toWin9X for pd (for most
things...). I have all three O.S.'s on my home intel box ,but linux space
outnumbers other os's space three to one, and that figure includes NeXTStep
3.3! The linux port has been what I spend most of my pd time on,
and I am thrilled with the results. I'm thinking about a work that uses both
pd on my intel box
and MSP on my powerPC. Assuming they are ethernet connected, is there *any*
possibility for
message, if not data sharing ? Of course, there's always MIDI, and analog

char lieb
baker at charlieb.com

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