maximum networkedness for any PD

Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at
Fri Dec 4 01:43:04 CET 1998

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> so, does that mean you have already started work on implementing mpeg
> code in sfrad? ;)
> or do you ean optimizing sfread generally?

Yes, I already have working code for mpeg ....

> ... but i wouldnt know exactly how this could be done
> ok, generally, is there currently a way to get a signal
> transmitted over
> tcpip network
> (assuming sufficient bandwidth)?

Mhmm, yes something like netsend~ and netreceive~, yes ... actually I thought it
is there,
but I can´t find it ... but this should be easy to implement.. except this will
add quite a
bit of delay to the signal ...

> yep, sure. i just thought about having a mode without ANY interface so
> you might just get free some more resources, otherwise "wasted" on tk
> interface ... but thats in fact just a minor point ...

It will be useful to have the GUI around, because otherwise you´d have to put
effort into programming the patches for "Net usage"

> to all the private pages (hm, theres in fact not that many at
> the mom.)

is this a mirror of how much users there are ?

> .., please comment (especially if you feel i m talking garbage)..

if it would have been garbage, I wouldn´t have commented :D


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