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>Hmm .. Not too long ago MIDI really did not work, but I hoped I had fixed
>this problem. Is your MIDI port detected in the startup messages ?
Yep, it runs midi on /dev/midi and doesn't complain.

>Yes, I think everybody will find that useful ...
>There are a lot of documentation tasks to be done.
>- The reference needs a hand (It would be great if we had the Max Alt-cli=
>of reference. This should not be too hard to implement.)

That'd be great

>- Of course the general manual is lacking a lot of information.

I agree :)

>- Tutorials ...

That's part of what I was planning to do.  Maybe it's just my twisted
imagination but I see a possibility of newbie picking up pd.
Not that I'm a seasoned pd user but I find that Max background helps
a lot.

>And, of course we have to avoid duplication of effort, so the best thing =
>be if
>Kerry told us what he plans to do and where we (you :)) can help.

My idea was to do a little tutorial/getting-started-guide.
Max-style.  I find Max documentatio terrific so I thought it'd be nice
to tailor something in a similar way.

>Ah .. and if you put your HTML pages online let us know ...

I will

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