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Thu Apr 1 15:07:02 CEST 1999

Guenter Geiger discourseth:
> There are a few guesses here. Possibly the input is not correctly
> started, and the program hangs in a read in kernel code.
> You could put debug before and after the read and write, and look
> if it really happens there.

Unfortunately it hangs so hard that even an strace doesn't work.

> > I doubt that's the problem in my case.  Coincidentally, I've done a
> > lot of work with buffer configuration for my audio driver. :)
> Ahh, very good, still I suspect an audio driver problem.

I suspect you're right!  The -dac option works for me.  I hacked
around the soundcard initialization code a bit to see if the problem
was there (*many* unclean reboots :) but with no luck.  I think my
driver just has a full duplex problem.

> > It's a PCI128 soundcard.  My kernel is the latest update from redhat:
> > 2.0.36-3.  I *did* modify the sounddriver to fix a bug in the mixer
> > map.
> Yes ? I always wanted to do that correctly, there is a separate mixer ioctl
> for turning on and of the "monitor feature".  Did you implement that ?
> My version only uses a "fast hack" to get things done the way I want.
> We may come up with a clean version and submit the patch to the author.

If you're talking about the separate output channel, a ioctl() for
that is in the latest version of the driver. :)

> Mhmm, I never tried the PCI128 with 2.0.36, only with recent kernels.
> You might try it with 2.2.x.

Indeed..the latest drivers seem to require 2.2.x.  I expect I'll make
the move to that soon.

> Here a short quote from a previous thread about PCI128 (just to give a little
> bit of hope)
> (you probably have read all of this already)

Uh..well, I should have. :) This certainly encourages me to try the
latest kernels and drivers.

Many Thanks,


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