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Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at psp-vie.be.philips.com
Tue Apr 6 15:05:14 CEST 1999

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> From: est at hyperreal.org [mailto:est at hyperreal.org]

> > > 2.0.36-3.  I *did* modify the sounddriver to fix a bug in 
> the mixer
> > > map.
> > 
> > Yes ? I always wanted to do that correctly, there is a 
> separate mixer ioctl
> > for turning on and of the "monitor feature".  Did you 
> implement that ?
> > My version only uses a "fast hack" to get things done the 
> way I want.
> > We may come up with a clean version and submit the patch to 
> the author.
> If you're talking about the separate output channel, a ioctl() for
> that is in the latest version of the driver. :)

In the version I am currently using, (2.1.131) everything that comes 
in the mic, line or CD is monitored directly to the output.
I hacked that for the mic input, but a better solution should be

I had problems with the driver on my Alpha starting at 2.2.0 ...
So I still have to find a new version which is working.
Talking about the separate output channel. It never worked for me.
Otherwise this card would support 4 output channels, which is great.
Does the 4 channel output work for you with the new driver ?


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