Real-time priority

Guenter Geiger guenter.geiger at
Wed Apr 7 09:37:29 CEST 1999

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> From: Micheal Allen Thompson [mailto:mat0001 at]

> I run pd on my SGI under root for performance with the nice negative
> values to increase its priority level, but only for performance
> reasons...


> Now I have been messing around with jMax/fts and it runs
> well... would pd
> run as well under real-time system tunings?

Yes, it would run more reliable with realtime scheduling, regarding
audio dropouts.
I never had too much improvement using "nice" values.
I know how to do it "correctly" from the Linux side, we just have to team up and
a solution for SGI too. Maybe a goal for 0.26 ? ( .. uh  version 0.26 already :)


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