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Wed Apr 21 09:17:28 CEST 1999

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> From: Michal Seta [mailto:mis at]
> It'd be great tyo have an object like this...

> I'm starting to work with the theatre as of Wednesday (April
> 20) and the
> play opens sometime in the middle of may.  So it's getting a
> little tight.

Mhmm, yes rather.

> I would probably need CD-ROM with pd at the beginning of may...
> I have already considered alternative ways of dealing with the problem
> (such as playing sound files rather than audio CD).

If you have enough space for them, it´s easier.

> I also have a little concern...  PD seems to be still
> consuming a lot CPU
> when run in 44100 Hz mode (-ada).

Only in ADA mode, right ?
As always, standard answer no. 1, a driver problem.

Which version of pd do you use ? Have all versions the same problem ?

After taking a look at Millers Linux version (0.25TEST4) (shame on me I havn´t
done yet ..),
I will try to add profiling, and some basic blocking non-blocking switches to
the makefile.
The problem is, unless I don´t have the card, I can´t do anything about it,
on other card/driver combinations it works.

But, hey I guess Miller has the same card, so you could probably team up :)

> And I don't even want to look at the source code.  It'd give
> me a headache
> :)

Luckily (?), you can´t look at the source of OSS/commercial :)


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