ALSA version of pd

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.UCSD.Edu
Mon Nov 8 18:15:31 CET 1999

Yes...  I'm trying to get Pd to work with Alsa for the upcoming release.
There's one difficulty I'm having: if you compile Pd with Alsa, it won't
run on machines that doesn't have Alsa installed, because it will need
the shared library!  Does anyone know how one can distribute programs
that can select Alsa at run time but can still start up when there's no Alsa

> Hi !
> Ok, I bought this four channel Trident based card from Hoontech.
> There is only an ALSA driver for it.
> My recent tests with ALSA (note I haven´t had installed ALSA for more
> than a year) showed my the the code needs a considerable amount of
> rework.
> Has anyone (Miller ?) started with ALSA support.
> If not so, I 'll do it (and I will try to do it right this time :).
> Ah, and yes pd and ALSA currently do work in OSS simulation
> mode, but just with the -frags flag, which triggers the old 
> OSS behaviour, and in output only mode, ... not too good.
> Guenter 

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