question: should toys be part of Pd distribution?

Nicola Bernardini nicb at
Wed Feb 2 13:36:18 CET 2000

Yesterday, Miller Puckette mi scrisse cio` che segue:

> Hi Pd-ers,
> would it be more convenient for you if I integrated "toys" (the pitch
> tracker, expr, and other really useful things) as part of the Pd
> distribution?  It would make the distribution grow by 150K or so...
> I'm raising the question because I'm writing a phase object for sampling
> (which someone suggested here a year or so ago) and want to put something
> in "soundfile-tools" in the pd distribution which uses the new object...
> it seems as if that would be a good reason to put "toys" in the distribution
> of Pd...

I think it's a good idea. 150k is no big deal nowadays...



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