gem 0.82 is out!

Mark Danks mdanks at
Wed Feb 2 17:34:29 CET 2000

  Gem 0.82 is out for Windows.  I'm sure that the Linux version will be
along shortly (Thank you, Guenter, as always!)  I still haven't had anyone
take over the SGI version, so it is still at 0.79.  I'm willing to mirror
it, but I can't compile it.

  The changes are:

  - stereoscopic rendering
  - a primitive triangle object
  - the particles objects are now frame rate independent
  - new particle objects
  - more help files
  - bug fixes

  Make sure to read the release notes in the doc directory for a complete
update.  I'm feeling inspired to do some more documentation, especially with
the particle objects, so there may be another point release in a couple of
weeks.  As always, changes, bugs, requests, etc. are appreciated.

  You can get it at the usual place:

Later, Mark

= mdanks at

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