Specifying audio devices under linux

Martin Marier marierm at MAGELLAN.UMontreal.CA
Wed Jan 3 04:26:26 CET 2001


	I have a Delta66 audio card by Midiman
and would like to make it work with PD.  I use
the OSS/Linux drivers.
	My problem is that the outputs of my card
are /dev/dsp0, /dev/dsp1, /dev/dsp2 and the inputs
are /dev/dsp3, /dev/dsp4, /dev/dsp5.
	As pd trys to read and write to /dev/dsp
(which points to /dev/dsp0), full-duplex doesn't
work.  Is there a way to tell pd which device to
use ?  (beside using the ALSA driver).

Martin Marier

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