.pdrc in Win2k?

uta t99685yn at sfc.keio.ac.jp
Thu Mar 22 14:30:34 CET 2001


> I'm trying to set up my path so that I can add objects like the loop~
> and the fft-filter, but if I make my .pdrc look like this:
> -path C:\pd\extra\loop~
> -path C:\pd\extra\fft-filter
> it doesn't work.   

-path C:\pd\extra
-lib C:\pd\extra\loop~
-lib C:\pd\extra\fft-filter
will work for just add objects to Pd. 

See the pd documentation for the details.

> I'm putting the .pdrc file in \Documents and Settings\Administrator
> (which is my current login) because I'm pretty sure that's considered
> the "home" in 2000.

I don't know about the .pdrc file but Pd cannot read folders 
that contains spaces (and japanese characters in 
a japanese environment) in their folder name,like "Documents and 
Is this a limitation of current tcl/tk or something?


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