[PD] aggress

Evan Sugerman sugie at cats.ucsc.edu
Tue May 1 12:24:23 CEST 2001

I am using IR sensors [of different types] -> feeding 12V relays -> 
creating contact, of individual keys, on a disassembled MIDI keyboard.  So 
far things are quite well.  This is my first attempt at programming of any 
sort so my resources are self generating (the list has been helpful for the 
most part).

My question is in regards to the idea of an array and its relationship to 
the 'tabwrite' and 'tabread' objects.  I am hoping to to generate a 
reservoir of the   information gathered by a certain proximity sensor i am 
using (increments vs. time between increments),plus some other 
idiosyncratic in formation which is not relavent to my question, and store 
in hopes of using it to make Pd make decisions.  Is this too simple an 
application for the array?  I am having trouble figuring out how to get 
separate x y (z?) information into and out of it.  My need is to generate 
different response mechanisms depending on the type of movement detected 
(agitation level) and to do so by subtly altering certain characteristics 
of the system.  These alterations will be modeled after an aggressive 
animal system.

I have began to use the msgfile and i think i am beginning to understand 
its application........a little.

I re-read my question; it seems unclear.  At this point with my current 
knowledge on such programmatic logistics I cannot do any better.  I hope 
someone has some idea of what i think i am trying to ask.



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