[PD] thoughts about iemlib

Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Tue Sep 11 23:37:30 CEST 2001

Frank Barknecht wrote:

>I like gripd, that was not what I meant. But gripd IMO fills another niche:
>it allows one to build "performance patches" like in Reaktor, where only
>the important things are visible. 
In my opinion this is what the gui is supposed to be for :)

>I like those GUI thingies in PD because they help me build patches and
>keep them clean.
>A simple example is [tgl].  Without [tgl] I need one [1( and one [0( to
>control a [metro] and I don't see at one glance if the [metro] is on or
>off. With one [tgl] instead I do.
>Also colors in PD patches help me finding my way. 

I agree...

I admit that I was just thinking of the iemlib vs gripd issue...  If you 
remember I reported a problem using gripd.  So, as I was somewhat 
desperate, I built my gui with iemlib.  The whole thing.  I'm rebuilding 
it with GriPD as well but I'm not in a hurry anymore...  since I'm 
planning, perhaps, releasing the thing to the public at some point I 
thought that GriPD will be "cuter" ....

However, iemlib is great for quick things.  More like 
testing/prototyping.  I would probably not use gripd early on during 
patch development.  But then, it's possible in any case....

And I think I would rather see more features added to gripd (and I'm 
sure more of such gadgets will pop up) than iemlib.  But we should not 
underestimate the usefulness of iemlib.  And then the proper credit 
should be given :)

mine 0.02


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