[PD] thoughts about iemlib

Joseph A. Sarlo jsarlo at mambo.peabody.jhu.edu
Wed Sep 12 04:02:45 CEST 2001

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Michal Seta wrote:

> >I like those GUI thingies in PD because they help me build patches and
> >keep them clean.
> >
> >Also colors in PD patches help me finding my way.
> >
> I agree...

Me too. I use the iem stuff all the time (and ggext before that). I think
including them in the PD distribution is probably a good idea from a
usability standpoint, but it might make it a little more difficult to pull
PD away from tcl/tk. I think this is probably Guenter's point. Personally,
I would be interested to know what Miller's plans are.

> And I think I would rather see more features added to gripd (and I'm
> sure more of such gadgets will pop up)

Any suggestions?

> And then the proper credit should be given :)

I agree, anybody that voluntarily writes tcl/tk deserves all the credit
he can get! ;)

| Joseph A. Sarlo
| jsarlo at mambo.peabody.jhu.edu

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