[PD] thoughts about iemlib

Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Wed Sep 12 15:53:54 CEST 2001

On 9/11/01 10:02 PM, "Joseph A. Sarlo" <jsarlo at mambo.peabody.jhu.edu> wrote:

>> And I think I would rather see more features added to gripd (and I'm
>> sure more of such gadgets will pop up)
> Any suggestions?
Yeah, the first think I can think of (and this is mostly based on my
experience in dealing with converting iemlib<->gripd) is to add an option to
sliders to increment/decrement floats.  Also, (based on the same experience)
changing upper/lower limit of sliders on the fly would be very useful.
Another feature that I would like to see, and I'm not sure if it'd really
useful but I had this idea as soon as I started working with ripd, is to add
panes within the same window.

I think that's it for now.


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