Sv: [PD] writing scores[!] in pd?

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You might also try the new Igor engraver from Noteheads (30 days)

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> Thanks Michal, I don't have alsa but I'm quiet sure
> that there are standard virtual midi cables available
> for most soundblaster compatible cards. I am not quiet
> sure but I can remember seeing one somewhere, anyway
> I'll try what you mentioned about Finale, actually I
> must ask which notational package would you recommend
> for a very complex and graphical score? I have just
> about finshed with Sibelius after my last piece as
> it's graphical capabilities are queit hopeless! I have
> tried Finale and it seems to have a lot more, perhaps
> you know of a simple notational package which doesn't
> follow the rules of music and lets you put whatever
> you like into whatever bar you want, something that
> gives you total freedom? Thanks for the help!
> regards,
> Rory.
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