[PD] [announce] shoutcast~ version 0.2

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Fri Jan 25 10:28:48 CET 2002

Hi Yves, hi all!

Yves Degoyon schrieb:

> sorry, my linux version won't follow that path
> for the following reasons :
> > New features are:
> >   - the encoding functions are now included in the window$
> >     version of shoutcast~ (no need for lame.dll any longer)
> i still can't see why people rewrites libraries
> [ except for a very good reason, not commodity ].
> After that, it's generally a mess
> and you can't benefit from improvements
> made to lame library.

Sorry, but I haven't rewritten any libraries! With the first version
poeple using shoutcast~ on win needed to have the additinal lame.dll
which contains the encoding stuff. The new version does the same thing
as the linux version, i.e. linking the lame stuff into the _final_
shoutcast~ file -> I haven't included any lame code into shoutcast~
sources!!! Have a look at the code to see what I mean...

> >   - broadcast can be archived in a mp3 file on your local
> >     harddisk
> since mp3write~ exists, you can already do that.
> besides, this increases the CPU minimum power
> requested for shoutcast~.

Yes, but only a little bit. Using shoutcast~ and mp3write~ together
would result in mp3 encoding being done twice! This would _double_ CPU


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