[PD] MIDI Programs/Patches Control for pgmout?

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Sun Mar 3 23:07:19 CET 2002


First, this is my first post to this mail list.  (Although I've been an avid
reader for quite a while.)  I'm also a new user of PD (with prior experience
in MAX).

Secondly,  my name is Dave and it's real nice to make your acquaintance!


In Max, with support from OMS, there are objects available which list MIDI
programs/patch names.  In this way, "pgmout" objects can be wired to
dropdown menus which display MIDI instrument lists (128 General MIDI
instruments for example).

Is there such an object in PD (or Motex, Gem, or other libraries) which
provides this functionality?

I'm using Windows XP.  So i understand that the "MIDI management" provided
by the OS will be vastly different in Linux, and different again in Unix,
etc.  HOWEVER, I'd really like to know if anybody has written an external
for use in the Windows system to create lists,arrays,or dropdown menus which
display all available MIDI programs/patches (General MIDI or otherwise).

Many thanks, in advance.

Dave Sabine.

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