[PD] MIDI Programs/Patches Control for pgmout?

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Sun Mar 3 23:48:36 CET 2002

David Sabine hat gesagt: // David Sabine wrote:

> Secondly,  my name is Dave and it's real nice to make your acquaintance!

Welcome aboard, Dave.

> In Max, with support from OMS, there are objects available which list MIDI
> programs/patch names.  In this way, "pgmout" objects can be wired to
> dropdown menus which display MIDI instrument lists (128 General MIDI
> instruments for example).
> Is there such an object in PD (or Motex, Gem, or other libraries) which
> provides this functionality?
> I'm using Windows XP.  So i understand that the "MIDI management" provided
> by the OS will be vastly different in Linux, and different again in Unix,
> etc.  HOWEVER, I'd really like to know if anybody has written an external
> for use in the Windows system to create lists,arrays,or dropdown menus which
> display all available MIDI programs/patches (General MIDI or otherwise).

I don't know of any PD object that works like a dropdown menu, but if you find
one, I'd like to hear of it as well. What seems to come closest GUI-wise might
be the "playlist" by Yves, available at http://ydegoyon.free.fr, but it would
require some hacking to get it to work as a programm selector (making playlist
more general would be nice anyways) and I don't know if "joge ." windowsified
;) it already otherwise it's linux only.

Second I'm not sure how one can automatically read the Midi-Progam names, if
they are not GM or GS or XG or some other standard. Is this possible at all?
I'm not that familiar with midi, but I always thought than GM et al. are just
a convention and are not communicated by the hardware itself.

But I may be wrong.

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