[PD] Storing and retrieving numeric data pairs

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Mar 11 09:21:10 CET 2002


if you would always want to get the pairs in the original sequence,
use [textfile].  Storing: `clear, add <a1> <b1>, add <a2> <b2>...'.
Retrieving:  `bang' for every pair, `rewind' to repeat.

If you would need random access, use arrays.


DCooper wrote:
> I'm generating a variable, but finite sequence of numeric data-pairs 
> (between 5 - 15 pairs) and want to retrieve each pair on demand, in the 
> sequence generated. I've tried using qlist, but this returns the entire 
> sequence in one go. I've also tried to use different combinations of 
> set/append/get, but can't work out how to do it.

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