[PD] spectral stretching using phase vocoder??

sme marius.schebella at chello.at
Mon Mar 11 10:41:12 CET 2002

i was working on this, but couldn´t make it to a releasable version and i
don´t know someone else already did this. but i´d like to dive into this
again (fixed my lack of fft-knowledge now).

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Subject: [PD] spectral stretching using phase vocoder??

> Hi,
> I seem to recall a while back some discussion between Miller and Guenter
> about framp~ as a way to make a phase vocoder...
> it seems framp~ can handle the complex data from fft~ objects to give
> amp, freq pairs, but has anyone actually done the resynthesis from pvoc
> data (i.e. gone from freq, amp pairs, back to complex data and
> ultimately back to sound)?
> I want to do spectral stretching in the manner of Wishart's Vox 5 etc
> but don't want to repeat the work if it's been done already!
> ( I seem to remember Miller suggested a solution, but did anyone
> implement it or similar?)
> cheers,
> nick
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