[PD] pd + alsa + m-audio delta 44+linux

Mark Khemma mkhemma at orion.it.luc.edu
Sun Mar 24 13:10:01 CET 2002


i'm trying to get alsa running for pd, but i'm realizing that there are a
couple of huddles that i need to jump through, and they are a little to
high for me. if anybody out there has this setup could he/she send me how
the modules.conf file needs to look like? At this moment i compiled and
ran PD and i get this error message:

error: OSS: SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS failed /dev/dsp
error: OSS: SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS failed /dev/dsp
audio I/O stuck... closing audio

-thanks for any help
mark k.

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