[PD][announce] PeRColate 0.05 / call for help

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sun Mar 24 20:43:07 CET 2002

hi Olaf,

the closest look-alike of t_buffer is t_garray (but it is only single channel...)

In terrain~.c try to

+#define t_buffer  t_garray

then make

if (!b->b_valid)
  		goto zero;
tab = b->b_samples;
frames = b->b_frames;
nc = b->b_nchans;


if (!garray_getfloatarray(b, &frames, &tab))
  		goto zero;
nc = 1;

and replace

if ((b = (t_buffer *)(s->s_thing)) && ob_sym(b) == ps_buffer) {


if ((b = (t_buffer *)pd_findbyclass(s, garray_class))) {

also do not forget about

inlet_new(&x->l_obj, &x->l_obj.ob_pd, &s_signal, &s_signal);


btw. is linux port of Pd/PeRColate anywhere available (or planned)?

Olaf Matthes wrote:
 > plus some PhISM objects. Most of the RTcmix objects and terrain~ use
 > Max's t_buffer, I just don't know how to implement this in Pd...
 > In case someone is interested in getting them ported feel free to do so
 > or give me a hint how to do it.

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