[PD][announce] PeRColate 0.05 / call for help

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Mon Mar 25 01:32:13 CET 2002

Hi Krzysztof,

most of the changes you suggested seem to work. I got terrain~ compiled and can
create the object. Only

> -
> if ((b = (t_buffer *)(s->s_thing)) && ob_sym(b) == ps_buffer) {
> +
> if ((b = (t_buffer *)pd_findbyclass(s, garray_class))) {

makes problems. b is always 0.... I'm not quite shure about what has to happen here
but I think we need to create (?) a new t_garray with the name (t_symbol) entered by
the user. Right?

I've uploaded the new sources of terrain~ as a zip to
ftp://ftp.muart.de/akustische-kunst/pd/PeRColate/ in case someone want's to have a
look at it.

> btw. is linux port of Pd/PeRColate anywhere available (or planned)?

Yves once said that only minor changes were necessary to get PeRColate compiled for
Linux. I don't have access to a Linux box so somebody else would have to do it.
On the other hand he also told me about serious problems with crashes. Maybe this has
been fixed due to my bug fixes but it might also still happen... One reason for that
could be that there is not input checking (as in the original Max version of
PeRColate). Everything can be sent to the inlets but some very strange values are
likely to cause crashes.
All the sources are inlcluded in the PeRColate0.05_sources.zip file... (in case I
haven't forgotten anything)


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