[PD][announce] PeRColate 0.05 / call for help

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Mar 25 09:38:46 CET 2002

hi Olaf (and Chris, Yves, mik...)

Olaf Matthes wrote:
 > but I think we need to create (?) a new t_garray with the name (t_symbol)
 > entered by
 > the user. Right?

right, t_garray of floats is just an ordinary array available somewhere
in the patch:  [terrain~ <name>...] is similar to, say, [tabread4~ <name>].

 > Yves once said that only minor changes were necessary to get PeRColate compiled for
 > Linux. I don't have access to a Linux box so somebody else would have to do it.

yes, as it seams, making the sources cross-platform is plain easy,
esp. without using -Werror, but there need to be at least some way
of synchronization with your future efforts.


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