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On Tue, 9 Apr 2002 integer at www.god-emil.dk wrote:

> pd isnt free. [perhaps if one is 99 prozent brain free]

sweeping statements are polluting and opinions are cheap. you advertise
like coca-cola.
> is pd better +? well ___... different shades of  u gli ness.
> most of the data worth anything has been authored by `3rd parties`.

it's called open source collaboration. see gnu/linux.

> overall max + msp + pd + gem = rigid \ uneventful + ultra ugggggllllllyy xy refuse.
> as most everything else in the digital domain.

thanks to Thomas Grill + Larry Troxler, you can write Python and Scheme
within PD, which makes it quite the opposite of 'rigid', and in fact
offers the user a way to do almost anything, wihout paying a license fee
(as opposed to max, NATO, etc.). This means 'ugly' and 'rigid' now depend
on you state of mind and skills as a programmer, not on the framework.

the real refuse of the 'digital domain' are the ultra-opinionated
pseudocharacters who pile hipocritical releases of
their own commercial, cryptically wonderful software, and who blame the
tools to appear to be the cool, alternative solution.

get on with it. 


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