[PD] 3 questions regarding PD

CK x at meta.lo-res.org
Wed Apr 10 10:55:24 CEST 2002

I read:
> i'm working on a 1 file zip/installer of pd+gem+framestein+other usefull for
> VJs...

though I'm not exactly a fan of the idea I see that there is a certain
demand for a package like that, so good luck and patience answering all
the emails you will get because it's not working out of box on other
peoples computers ;)

> but i'm still waiting answers from the developers if i may do that...
> i'm (because of size) NOT including the sources!

according to the GNU liccense this should not be a problem, you don't have
to include the sources, if you mention where people can find them (if you
add code put yours online somewhere too)

see above

> ps. i'm making only a win32 version...

I thought so, I guess most of us unix users are kind of opposed to installing 
binaries that contain more than we actually need/want


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