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Michael Iber music at chemie.fu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 10 17:23:44 CEST 2002

Hello Frank,

At 08:39 10.04.02 +0200, you wrote:
>Michael Iber hat gesagt: // Michael Iber wrote:
> > I defined (in self-creating patches) canvas names according to the
> > dynamic-receive-patch, which was posted on this mailing list by putting $0
> > as the property-name. Is it possible to trigger, send the resulting
> > canvas-number anywhere?
>$0 gets the same unique value everytime it is used in a certain  abstraction.
>So if you create a [float $0] along with your canvas, you should be able to
>send this value anywhere you need it.

That helped a lot. Thanks.

> > Is there a way to define global variables (like a=1)? If yes: how can I do
> > it, and how can I access them?
>All variables (the read-send somethings) are global by default. You have to
>take special care, if you want them to be only seen locally (use $0)

I was more looking for some simular solution to the actual jMAX-version,
where you define the variables in an object (like e.g. in C, which I would 
prefer to a table).
I thought this might have been one of the not yet documented features of 
the actual version Miller was talking about (and working with both PD and 
jMAX, I always get confused, what which program is capable of.)



Michael Iber


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