[PD] GEM Geos line width

Ulrich Kehrer ulrich at konsum.net
Wed Apr 17 18:20:08 CEST 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002 rat at telecoma.net wrote:
> > i think "draw line" and "width 5" should be 2 seperate messages.
> i also tried the seperate version, it also was not orking for me.

hmm...strange. both messages are connected to the first inlet of the

> > btw the draw-message doesn't work with some geos (like sphere, cone and
> > cylinder)
> thats strange, on my side it s working, i get the wireframe when i 
> use draw line message for sphere and cone, or do u means something else ?

oops..."draw line" works of course (except for "model", which would be
nice though)
i meant the "width"-message. it only seems to work with the "simple"


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