AW: AW: [PD] audio calculation at full cpu load

Thomas Grill t.grill at
Thu Apr 18 20:17:13 CEST 2002

> 2.) regarding up/downsampling:
> funny enough, just today i noticed a bug bug within the setting of the
> sample-rate when doing up/downsampling: the sampling-rate is modified
> the wrong way:
> if you do upsampling by 2 from 44.1kHz, a sampling-rate of 22.05kHz is
> reported.

> Even the sampling rate value in the signal vector is
> correctly adjusted to sys_getsr()/8192! That should do it for my purposes.

*blush* I don't know what i exactly wanted to state with that?!...

For me it's unusable anyway because I'd need the sample rate to have its
original value!
(no up- or downsampling) Will that be possible somehow?
The optimal thing would be a means to decouple a part of the signal network
and steer it in my external with my own values for signal vector length and
sample rate.


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