[PD] pd-max compatibility

João Miguel Pais jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Sat Apr 20 23:21:38 CEST 2002

Dear list,

I am trying to develop some work simultaneously in pd (at home) and max (in
school). Besides trying the most to use objects common to both, I will try
to design copies of the max objects that don't exist on pd, and maybe also

I wanted to ask the following:
- is there any "compatibility library" between pd and max? If so, maybe I
wouldn't have to try to design the abstractions myself, since they would be
already made.
- there are some irregularities in pd's pat format (at least if you try to
open it with max 4). Those can be fixed with a simple text editor and the
"replace text" feature. I'm trying to see which should be substitued (like
osc~ for cycle~), but would like to know if somebody has also made something
- since I'm not a programmer, I would like to know if the (eventually)
resulting "file fixes" would be of interest for anybody that would like to
a kind of script, so that all the changes could be automatically made (and
again ask if hasn't anybody made it so far). Since it is only something like
"search"->"find"->"replace", I imagine it is not complicated.


João Miguel Pais

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