[PD] XML/Scheme libraries/plugins?

david casal D.Casal at uea.ac.uk
Sun Apr 21 13:21:03 CEST 2002

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002 integer at www.god-emil.dk wrote:

nn with constructive comment? lovely day indeed...;-)

> pd should kall the appropriate importer when one selects to load a patch with 
> a translator - much as other programs do.  [there are other places where this
> should be available and the entire pd requires a lovely redesign

If Larry were to write a Scheme interpreter with a more comprehensive
implementation (currently SIOD) like, say, PLT (Larry?), we could build
beatiful combinations of importer/interpreter chains...or am I just
tripping here.

[crazy idea for a lovely sunday]

> define a compatibility/diktionary file format [text format so that one may easily modify 
> + misuse it] which the plugins load automatically at startup _and when prompted [no more xy rigidity 
> nonsense svp]

how about doing it with XML, i.e. a dictionary in XML format (PD
XSchema?) and a Scheme XML-RPC layer to talk to a plugins/external
library? I cannot boast that I could help Larry with the C involved in a
new interpreter (though he said a bigger user-base than 1 would prompt him
to do it), but I could help to code XML bits in Scheme. I'm sure Orm
Finnendhal (sorry if misspelt) would help, too?

> pd should be able to import with _multiple plugins simult [hence it is lovelier if the
> import plugins are patches (one could construct custom versions as desired.
> likewise _one import plugin could be fabricated out of multiple objekts]

If PD-land could agree on a scripting/library architecture, that should be
no problem?

> am working on something vis a vis this but don't mind me. i have different motives + 
> desires.  e.g. should <-> may ~74

what is your vis a vis? do you desires include Free Software principles?
feel like sharing? Seriously, I see what Larry Troxler started as a very
huge step towards a unified plugin(or whatever)-able architecture for PD,
and watching
the recent (and juicy!) thread on libraries, etc., I feel that if only we
had a few more people interested in at least trying with something as
flexible as Scheme <=> XML, we could really go a long way towards most
everybody's desires/pleas...



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