[PD] throw/send

João Miguel Pais jmmmp at netcabo.pt
Mon Apr 22 03:47:38 CEST 2002

Dear list,

besides the evident differences between send~/receive~ and throw~/catch~
(number of outputs in one, inputs in other), are there any other diferences
in the domains of speed, ease of use or other more obscure informatical
areas that might decide which to use when? For example, when just one
connection is necessary, which one might be better?

I also noted a strange behaviour of route: when trying to select between the
numbers of a radio button (from 0 to 3), I made |route 0 1 2 3|. In the
first click (whichever might be) it is fine, but after that route always
gives two bangs: the old and the new number. Wasn't supposed it to bang only
the selected number?

Using .35 t11 on xp.

Thank you,

João Miguel Pais

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