[PD] basic audio analyzing

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Thu Jul 11 00:38:34 CEST 2002

thnx 4 the patches, the avi-bonk looks nice...

thnx, but i know what bonk is/does and i've used it. but now i wan't to make
an GUI for all the commands and the PDs bonk~.pd is not helping me enough on
the input commands so that i could control it "gezielt" (cant remember the
english word) and with TAE i get so "fuzzy" results...

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> hi,
> attached (avi.pd) is maybe what you mean for the gemwin. It's also an
> 'interface' (sic) for loading and playing an avi... >> not very user
> friendly since i only made it for personal use.
> about bonk; it's an attack detection thingie. I use it to control my
> a lot. It is great to use when you're vj-ing: it acts like a beat
> tool. I attached another patch avi_bonk.pd in which it is used (great to
> on drum&bass. I originaly used it with an installation where the sound
> from contact microphones (and some effects on that) attached to a model
> railroad).
> hope you can figure it out...
> greetz,
> krrt
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