[PD] music

matthew nish-lapidus mattn-l at rogers.com
Sat Jul 20 23:17:52 CEST 2002


up until recently i have used reaktor for all my music/art but i'm not
starting to feel limited by what it can do.  i've been using pd for a long
time for video/graphics installation work (with ben bogart), and have done a
little audio work with it.  i've been able to write some patches to do a lot
of the things i can't do in reaktor, but i haven't been able to efficiently
reproduce the simpler things that i use all the time, like a multi sample
polyphonic sampler.  i'd like to switch entirly to pd eventualy, but i need
to figure out how to create these basic building blocks first.

so, my actual question is, does anybody have any tips for pathc building?
or has anybody else started something like this?  i basically want to create
a library of abstractions for all the basic components that i need for

anyway, if anybody has any tips i'd love some help.

m n-l.

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