[PD] using rme multiface under pd

Johannes Taelman johannes.taelman at rug.ac.be
Mon Aug 19 13:48:35 CEST 2002


Maybe you are using the ASIO Multimedia or the ASIO DirectX driver? Did you
select the right ASIO device?  If you didn't and have Cubase or Nuendo on
your PC this is very likely to be your problem.

The latency is selected in the HDSP settings program.

> Hi Johannes,
> many thanks for the motivation. I got it running now but the latency is
> satisfying (30 ms) - with Max/MSP i have about 6 ms. Do you have better
> values?

I don't know the latency I use by heart, and I'm on a different machine. But
it is more like 6ms than 30ms.


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