[PD] DirectSound (again!) and network connections

Akira Abe akiraa181 at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Sep 28 16:22:25 CEST 2002

> Hi list,

Hi again Mandy,

> thanks Olaf and Akira - your help is greatly appreciated,
> just pursuing the issue, am I right in saying that it is possible for 
> me to write an application, preferably in VC++6.0, that will be able 
> to implement pd but also to access the secondary DirectSound buffers, 
> presumably created by pd, before they are mixed in the primary 
> buffer for output? - so that I can then take those buffers and apply 
> other software to them?

I see.
The answer is No.
If you want to connect PD to other software, you should be using
something like ReWire technology.

> also is it possible to separate the tcl/tk part so that I can 
> drive pd audio with other networked data - or should I be 
> using something like 
> STK for this?

PD has the tcl/tk part and pd.exe in different processes.
The tcl/tk part already has been separated since start of program.

>again VC++6.0 applications are what I'm looking 
> at. thanks again,
> Mandy
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